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Farmstand Art Initative

The FARM STAND ART INITIATIVE is a fundraising exhibition of visual art for purchase created by talented, young and emerging artists who have been nurtured and developed by some of the Nation’s leading non-profit art organizations.  With the right amount of nurturing, education and experience, the artists are empowered to launch and sustain a career in the arts.  Throughout the year, Farm Stand will exhibit the artists’ works with the hope to expand their sense of possibility and support their positive choice.  We invite our family of customers to view, appreciate and get to know the artwork, the artists and the non-profits who transformed their lives


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Farmstand Delivers!


Ever have one of those days when cooking is simply out of the question, eating out is just too much of a production, but you still want to provide your family with a nutritious, wholesome and delectable dinner? Rest easy, South Bay, the answer is here: Farm Stand delivers straight to your door!

So the next time the prospect of dinner is looming over you at the end of your day, just remember you can stay in with your family and STILL get cozy with Farm Stand!